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In Defense of Travel (As a Third-World Citizen)

20 June 2024

In this post, I try to consider the multifaceted nature of travel, inspired by a tweet and Agnes Collard's piece "The Case Against Travel." It explores the privilege associated with travel, particularly for those from less advantaged backgrounds like Indonesians, who face visa restrictions and financial barriers. The motivations for travel vary widely, from seeking self-enlightenment to experiencing different perspectives and cultures.

While some critics argue that travel can be shallow and isolating, the article counters by highlighting its potential for personal growth, empathy, and broadening horizons. Ultimately, it advocates for a nuanced understanding of travel, recognizing its transformative power beyond mere pleasure-seeking.

8 Things I Don't Understand in Singapore

27 May 2024

I always praise Singapore in every circumstance. However, navigating the intricacies of a city like Singapore can bring up many questions and observations.

After my 8th year living in Singapore, I am still baffled by the following issues. Disclaimer: This list is random, and in no particular order, and of my own views.

Putting Myself Out There

23 May 2024

Social media is a big part of our lives now, connecting us to friends and family while also giving us a place to be creative. For me, it's a great way to share my interests and thoughts. But when your social media account is followed mostly by people you know personally, it can be tricky to balance what you want to share with what they expect to see.

So much of it is about putting ourselves out there. Which can be obviously daunting, if not scary…

Rethinking Singapore

22 May 2024

For the past eight years, Singapore has been my home. As an Indonesian, I moved here with great optimism, thinking I might eventually change my citizenship. There were so many reasons that drew me to Singapore initially. However, as time passes, I've found myself rethinking whether this vibrant city-state is the right place for my family and me in the long run.

Thanks for reading this far.

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In Defense of Travel (As a Third-World Citizen)8 Things I Don’t Understand in SingaporeRethinking SingaporePutting Myself Out There