Sigit Adinugroho — Mentoring


I am offering paid mentoring for product/UX designers who want to start their career, or are in the middle of their careers looking for a change.


I want to help your UX career!

I know how hard it is sometimes to get off the ground running with your UX career. Even if you are in the middle of your career, collecting up to 3 to 5 years of experience and now have been promoted to senior individual contributor, it can be challenging.

Here are a couple of questions that are often asked to me during mentoring sessions:

I just started, what do I need to do to land a job?
I have a portfolio ready, but why is nobody answering my application?
What do I need to do to be successful at my new position?
Which type of company should I go to? Startup, corporation, or agency?
I am in the middle of my career, should I go the manager route, or the more senior individual contributor route?

These questions and many more can be daunting to answer for some, let alone to take action to solve them.

I have a 15-year experience as a product designer, working at startups and corporations, in Indonesia and Singapore. I can give you my perspectives about a lot of things, that might help you be more confident in decision-making, whichever stage of career you are in.

What will I get?

Maybe you are in the middle of a portfolio being built and just want some fresh eyes to review? We can go through your portfolio and see if we can improve it!

Stuck in something? Have problems at work that you think can't be solved? Maybe we can explore these together and try to find a solution, provided you give enough context. Have doubts about the next career decision? We can also discuss these together.

I'll be focused on your problem and try to give you my perspective or advice as best as I can, for the session. It's all about you, in full attention, for that hour.

Actionable list of feedback

I'll send you an email summarizing our discussion in pointers, or for portfolio review, annotated feedback on your portfolio and next steps.

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FAQ and rules

Why do you charge?

I've been on and off mentoring platforms and sessions, all of which were free. Most of the candidates I talked to were genuine and exciting, but some of them never really come up, or came with much less context and drive. I prefer to mentor someone who's committed, excited, genuine and full of motivation. I think everybody should be responsible and respectful of each side's time and energy.

Is 60 minutes enough?

Generally speaking based on experience, most mentoring sessions lasted about 60 minutes. Please note that this is strict although I have a bit of flexibillity (plus-minus 10 minutes). If you think you need more time, please book another block of 60 minutes in other opportunity.

What if I miss my session, or have to end early?

Generally, the fee is non-refundable. But if you can't attend or you have to leave early for an important reason, send me an email (hi at sigit dot co) and I will be happy to reschedule it - once only, please...

Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality

I strive to keep all of your secrets, within our conversation. I won't use any of our conversation as part of my publications. However, I don't sign any NDAs beforehand either. It's just too complicated. If you can't feel safe talking about your company, then I suggest to not mentor with me.

Rules governed by Superpeer

If you have doubts, any booking and payment rule will ultimately ruled over by the service I use, Superpeer.

Thanks for reading this far.

Have questions? Or just want to talk? Email or add on LinkedIn. That’s the best way to contact me, thank you.