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A collection of design books (and more) or articles that I have personally read, recommended or enjoyed.

Global UX: Design and Research in a Connected World

by Whitney Quesenbery and Daniel Szuc

This book delves into the challenges and strategies for creating user experiences that work across cultures and languages.

Cross-Cultural Design

by Senongo Akpem

Today's web design demands consideration of diverse multicultural audiences. Senongo Akpem offers a concise methodology for cross-cultural design, covering research, responsive experiences, and effective internationalization. Create an inclusive web experience for all.

The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

by Erin Meyer

While not directly a UX book, it provides essential insights into understanding cultural differences in a global context, which can inform UX design decisions.

Design Across Cultures: A Guide to International Communication Design

by Ronnie Lipton

Lipton explores the challenges and best practices for creating culturally relevant communication and user interfaces.

The Field Study Handbook

by Jan Chipchase

The book is the comprehensive how-to, why-to guide to running international field research projects.

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Jan Chipchase

The book emphasizes the idea that extraordinary products are often inspired by observing and understanding the subtle and hidden needs of customers that may not be immediately apparent. Jan Chipchase, a renowned researcher and designer, draws from his experiences in the field of design and user research to illustrate how to uncover these hidden insights.

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