The Survival Kit for Product Designers

The Survival Kit for Product Designers

Have you ever considered quitting your job? Perhaps your manager is giving you a hard time, or you're struggling to meet deadlines. Maybe you feel threatened by AI or worried about potential layoffs.

The list of challenges that can arise in a Product Designer's seemingly wonderful job can feel never-ending and increasingly daunting.

In this free e-book, I will share more about the harsh realities that we may encounter as product designers, based on my own experience. I will discuss observations, anecdotes, and the mistakes I have made, as well as how I plan to rectify them. Most importantly, I will provide theoretical strategies for overcoming these adversities and maintaining resilience in our personal and professional lives.


The (Tentative) Chapters

Here are some tentative chapter titles and content, and I will publish them as I go along.

Chapter 1: So you are now a Product Designer

In this chapter, we’ll start with the intricate feeling of being a product designer — and being officially hired as a team member who looks up to you as a designer. No matter you’re at the early stage of your career, or you’re mid-career switcher, or you’re just suddenly realizing it.

We’ll discuss more about embracing (not battling!) imposter syndrome, surviving your first 30, 60 or whatever number days you have to start feeling better in the company, or just feeling the blue!

Chapter 2: Navigating the Bossy Boss

Chapter 3: Designers Unite: The Fellowship (or Not!)

Chapter 4: Product Managers: Allies or Mischief Managers?

Chapter 5: The Engineer's Alchemy

Chapter 6: Boundary Magic: Protecting Your Sanity

Chapter 7: Year One Chronicles: Escaping the Rookie Dungeon